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Q: How do I order the knives?
A: Just send me an
e-mail with models and quantities you want. Then
follow instructions

Q: Why do I have to write "Mikov" in Subject line when sending e-mail?
A: All e-mails to me are sorted by Subject. Without "Mikov" in Subject line the message will be handled as spam or virus and immediately deleted.
Thank you for understanding.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping charges are 5.99 and 9.99 USD. Please check
Price list.

Q: How do I calculate price of a custom knife?
A: Prices of custom work + example pricing is here.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing or dealers discount?
A: My prices are very close to wholesale but I do offer quantity discounts: 12-24 pieces 3% off, 24-36 pieces 6% off and more than 36 pieces 9% off.

Q: How long it takes to deliver the package?
A: Usually 10-14 days but in some cases the delivery time can reach up to
8 weeks.

Q: How do you ship the knife?
A: All packages are shipped via Czech Post – by registered air mail (recipient signature required). All shipments are automatically insured up to 65.00 USD - actual amount depends on current USD/CZK exchange rate.

Q: Can you ship via FedEx, UPS or DHL?
A: Yes, but shipping charges would be a lot higher. If you have account with those companies, I can ship using your account ad then there are no shipping charges.

Q: Can you provide tracking number for my shipment?
A: Yes, tracking is available for shipments to USA.

Q: What do I need to know in order to send the payment?
A: All info is
here. All you need to do is to write an e-mail and request my
name and account number.

Q: Why should I send the check or MO by certified mail?
A: It is more reliable way to ship the MO and you have proof the MO was delivered to the bank.

Q: Why do you use such a strange payment method?
A: As you know I am in Czech Republic. Please check
here for your choices: If you are in USA, sending payment to Wells Fargo Bank is my preffered payment method. It takes about 2-3 days to deliver the payment to my WF account and I ship the knife (knives) as soon as the payment is deposited.  For references from happy customers please check my feedback on or BladeBid.

Q: How do I make over the counter deposit?
A: Just locate the nearest branch of
Wells Fargo Bank (use their web site to
do it) and make the deposit using my account info.

Q: Can I send (deposit) my personal check?
A: Yes but MO will get you your knife faster since it is deposited immediately – personal check must clear first.

Q: How can I send payment if I am in Europe?
A: You can send cash (USD or EURO) in registered mail. Make sure the envelope is well taped. You can also wire the payment to my bank, use Western Union money transfer or PayPal. Note that I cannot legally use PayPal for transactions concerning automatic knives - see their Acceptable Use Policy.

Q: I sent an e-mail but did not receive your reply...
A: Sometimes I am busy at work and cannot check e-mail every day. Please send your e-mail once again - I will respond. If you do not receive my reply within 3 days, please send your e-mail from a different e-mail account (hotmail, yahoo, aol). Make sure you write "Mikov" in Subject line. Please check also
here. Also I will not respond to your automated anti spam reply to have my e-mail address approved. Before you send me an e-mail make sure you can also accept my reply.

Q: Are Mikovs front openers?
A: No, all Mikov autos are side openers. See this video.

Q: What is Modified dagger grind?
A: Also known as "damascus" grind - this grind has shorter false edge (compared to the regular dagger grind), fileworked spine. Backspring is fileworked as well.

Q: What is Utility grind?
A: Mikov knives with Utility grind actually have clip point blades. The blades were manufactured outside Mikov based on my own design. I thought they would be more useful than the regular dagger blades. They are not available from any other dealers. Only 1000 blades with utility grind was made.

Q: Why don't you ship autos with regular dagger grind to Australia or New Zealand?
A: Dagger blades are illegal there and even though the false edge is not sharpened, customs may seize the knives because of the "dagger" grind. Knives with utility grind are OK.

Q: Can I order Mikov autos with serrated or semi-serrated blades?
A: No, I sell only regular Mikov production and serrated (semi-serrated) blades are not made by Mikov factory. Only the rescue knives have serrated blades.

Q: Do you sell non automatic Mikov knives?
A: Yes, please check my older
web site for more info.

More questions? Please e-mail me. Don´t forget to write MIKOV in Subject line.