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Q: How do I order the knives?
A: Just send me an
e-mail with models and quantities you want. Then
follow instructions

Q: Why do I have to write "Mikov" in Subject line when sending e-mail?
A: All e-mails to me are sorted by Subject. Without "Mikov" in Subject line the message will be handled as spam or virus and immediately deleted.
Thank you for understanding.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping charges are 5.99 and 9.99 USD. Please check
Price list.

Q: How do I calculate price of a custom knife?
A: Prices of custom work + example pricing is here.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing or dealers discount?
A: My prices are very close to wholesale but I do offer quantity discounts: 12-24 pieces 3% off, 24-36 pieces 6% off and more than 36 pieces 9% off.

Q: How long it takes to deliver the package?
A: Usually 10-14 days but in some cases the delivery time can reach up to
8 weeks.

Q: How do you ship the knife?
A: All packages are shipped via Czech Post – by registered air mail (recipient signature required). All shipments are automatically insured up to 65.00 USD - actual amount depends on current USD/CZK exchange rate.

Q: Can you ship via FedEx, UPS or DHL?
A: Yes, but shipping charges would be a lot higher. If you have account with those companies, I can ship using your account ad then there are no shipping charges.

Q: Can you provide tracking number for my shipment?
A: Yes, tracking is available for shipments to USA.

Q: What do I need to know in order to send the payment?
A: All info is
here. All you need to do is to write an e-mail and request my
name and account number.

Q: I sent an e-mail but did not receive your reply...
A: Sometimes I am busy at work and cannot check e-mail every day. Please send your e-mail once again - I will respond. If you do not receive my reply within 3 days, please send your e-mail from a different e-mail account (gmail). Make sure you write "Mikov" in Subject line. Please check also
here. Also I will not respond to your automated anti spam reply to have my e-mail address approved. Before you send me an e-mail make sure you can also accept my reply.
Please note that for some reason my responses to following emails are not beeing delivered: Live, Hotmail, Outlook, Comcast and Earthlink are not beeing delivered. Please email me from a different email - preferably from Gmail.

Q: Are Mikovs front openers?
A: No, all Mikov autos are side openers. See this video.

Q: What is Modified dagger grind?
A: Also known as "damascus" grind - this grind has shorter false edge (compared to the regular dagger grind), fileworked spine. Backspring is fileworked as well.

Q: What is Utility grind?
A: Mikov knives with Utility grind actually have clip point blades. The blades were manufactured outside Mikov based on my own design. I thought they would be more useful than the regular dagger blades. They are not available from any other dealers. Only 1000 blades with utility grind was made.

Q: Why don't you ship autos with regular dagger grind to Australia or New Zealand?
A: Dagger blades are illegal there and even though the false edge is not sharpened, customs may seize the knives because of the "dagger" grind. Knives with utility grind are OK.

Q: Can I order Mikov autos with serrated or semi-serrated blades?
A: No, I sell only regular Mikov production and serrated (semi-serrated) blades are not made by Mikov factory. Only the rescue knives have serrated blades.

Q: Do you sell non automatic Mikov knives?
A: Yes, please check my older
web site for more info.

More questions? Please e-mail me. Donīt forget to write MIKOV in Subject line.