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Three videos on How Mikov works, How to remove the spring and manual Mikov are right here.

Please check excellent tutorial Letīs make a Mikov by eastcoastsniper.

For currently available CUSTOM pieces click here.

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05/09/2023: 241 NP5 + 241 NR5 back in stock.

10/12 2022: Damascus and RWL34 Mikov autos in stock.

05/25 2021: Batch of autos with Eucalyptus scales available. Other side.

01/02 2021: 3 very nice Mikov autos with exotic wood scales available.

01/02 2021: 3 very rare Mikov OTFs for sale.

12/19 2020: Mikov auto with checkered Cocobolo scales available for 160 USD shipped.

10/15 2020: New batch of Mikov with Cocobolo scales available for 105.00 EURO.

05/25 2020: Very rare Damascus Mikov #8 available for sale at 450.00 EURO. Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4.

05/25 2020: Tactical MIKOV autos with Black Teflon coated blades are no longer available.

12/01 2019: Pocket clips are no longer available with kits. Only on some assembled knives.

05/30 2019: All Damascus + RWL34 knives with rear bolsters and also with UTILITY blades were discontinued.

05/30 2019: Mikov auto with metal Mikov insert in wood available for 179.00 USD shipped.

02/23 2018: Custom made Leverletto with acacia scales available for 149.00 USD shipped. Reverse side here

03/08 2017: Mikov auto with Bohler N690 tool steel blade now available.

08/19 2016: LARGO WINCH Mikov auto with metalic grey ABS scales and WINCH LOGO in stock.

12/14/ 2015: Standard Leverletto kits available again.

01/03 2015: Mikov ABS autos with Lion Logo available in 6 colors. Sheath included.

05/30 2012: Leverlettos with Cocobolo, Snakewood and Pink Ivory Wood scales back in stock.

10/28 2011: Custom MIKOV Proto RWL 34 + bone. More pictures: 1, 2, 3.

10/28 2011: Custom MIKOV Proto Damascus + bone. More pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Both prototypes were designed by Buddy Weston. Youtube video is right here.

05/24 2011: Custom scale checkering available for 49.99 EURO per knife. Check here and here.

10/20 2010: LARGO WINCH Mikov auto with metalic grey ABS scales avaialble. Limited quantities.

03/24 2010: Regular Mikov fish folder available for 15.99 EURO shipped. More of them.

2009: All Mikov auto kits are now marked with "kit" on the blades.

2008: Damascus Cutlery Set.

More: Check here .